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Mental Fitness Liberates Happiness

When mental fitness is weak, moods may be out of control, with people exploding or imploding. Sadly, we see evidence of this daily with violent outbursts, abuse, and suicide in the USA. When anger and depression escalate, people may harm others or themselves. Suicide is now the leading cause of death by injury. Active shooter incidents have tripled. Countless pets are abused every day. 24 people are abused every minute. Road rage causes 18,630 crashes daily.

The root cause: moods out of control.

Moods out of control can be fueled by instinctive music listening habits. When we instinctively listen to music we match our state of mind, which may aggravate current stress, throw us into the past with memories, or kick us into the future to feel different - happier or more relaxed. None of these music listening habits deal effectively with moods out of control.

When music is intentionally planned, anger, depression, grief, and anxiety significantly subside with these moods successfully controlled – no longer stuck or repressed, thus liberating peace and happiness. The end result: You are free of the baggage you drag around that weighs you down, that controls your moods, your thoughts, and your behavior.

Above and beyond prescribed medication, moods may be controlled by re-organizing your listening habits with Music4Life® (M4L) MUSIC MEDICINE, a mental fitness protocol that is noninvasive, self-administered, and builds capacity to deal with more stress.

M4L MUSIC MEDICINE intentionally targets our broad emotional range with a profound liberation of moods during a creative, controlled process. This process, sequencing music correctly, enters the central nervous system and stimulates our state of mind and mood into a catharsis. This mood liberation achieves mental fitness, where strength, flexibility, endurance, creativity, peace and happiness reign. Providing a permanent solution, the M4L MUSIC MEDICINE protocol empowers people to apply intentional processes [aka formulas] using all genres to control and liberate moods. Strong mental fitness positively affects anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, peace and happiness.

MUSIC4LIFE’s mental fitness programs must be the new EAP-Employee Assistance Program, reaching tens of thousands of employers. Join our movement to ramp up service delivery to millions of people who are unemployed, under-employed, and over-employed, focusing on life support.

JOIN FORCES with MUSIC4LIFE and transform our country into happy, productive people.

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