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Judith Pinkerton: Life Strategist

Innovator. Author. Therapist. Speaker. New Mom. Caregiver

Close encounters that make me strategize life optimally...

 * I was born in the town that created the atom bomb.

 * I plummeted 900 feet in a Cessna 150 with a dead prop.

 * I moved from Alaska to Switzerland to attend a music conservatory.

 * I married an alcoholic thinking I could change him.

 * My daughter's addiction fueled my compassion to work with addicts.

 * I recently adopted our infant granddaughter.

 * I am a caregiver for my parents in their 10th decade.

Emotional fluidity strengthens my resilience to deal with life, no matter what. It enables me to feel deeply, empathize broadly and trust my intuition. My spiritual connection in God fortifies me. I have a clear, simple mission of helping and inspiring others, relying on profound life strategies to make a memorable impact. My unique approach is combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm for individual sessions or a large variety of audiences and events. By providing the right healing tools and knowledge, I have helped thousands of people unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Get in touch to learn more.

"We are honored to partner with ACM Lifting Lives to recognize Judith for her outstanding commitment to using her music therapy skills to help people cope with serious health issues. Judith is a wonderful example of someone who is not only using her talents to positively impact her patients through music therapy, but also using her passion for the healing power of music to expand and advance her profession while helping others."

-- Catherine Hernandez-Blades

Aflac Senior Vice President, Chief Brand and Communications Officer 

Judith Pinkerton’s passion for music therapy was ignited in Alaska when her solo violin music replaced medication post-surgery in a hospital.  She developed the Music4Life® wellness system that translates the Music Medicine medical protocol into training programs and products available in telehealthecourses and digital downloads.  As a clinician and internship director, author, TEDx speaker and recording artist, Judith is the first to receive a music therapy license in the USA, issued by the Nevada State Board of Health and Department of Education. With over twenty years experience in helping individuals improve health through her Music Medicine Protocol, she has treated over 11,000 patients in addiction treatment centers. Aflac and the Academy of Country Music produced a TV commercial featuring Judith as their first recipient of the Lifting Lives Honor (2018). Judith joins the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada’s Music Study Research Team (2022) currently enrolling employees, including first responders, who will report the effectiveness of Music4Life® Mood Sequence Formulas®.

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