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In the Movies

I never thought I would be useful to a movie producer until I met Jeanne Marie Spicuzza at CEO Space International in December 2010. We discussed her award-winning movie, The Scarapist, a suspense thriller based on a true story, and she added me to the credits after I reviewed the final draft and recommended she insert a helpful resource for viewers who may be triggered into unsettledness. This movie is potent!

Jeanne Marie's creative life is discoverable in her movie projects, poetry, books, characters, and healing journeys she advocates for and achieves. Receiving numerous awards and nominations, the folks at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Vatican Division of Arts and Culture, and Fade In Magazine (to name a few) recognize and value her contributions. She is a remarkable friend with poetry flowing from her every breath. Find her good works - past, present and future - easily at Seasons & a Muse.

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