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Music Medicine Pills

Imagine your child consuming a Music 4 Life Music Medicine Pill that dissolves anger or anxiety in as little as ten minutes! Wouldn't family be easier to manage no matter what the activity is?

When your child focuses on calming down - in his/her private space created with headphones - listening to prescriptive music, it can free you up to focus on something else. Check out this elementary school counselors experience using this Music Medicine Pill with angry children.

You can easily find these ready-made Music Medicine Pills in our Performance Packs at

Or, create your own Music Medicine Pill - but for you first because you need to take care of you, so you can be there for your children. It's kind of like the flight attendants say, "put your oxygen mask on first before assisting your child." Treat yourself first, so you understand better how to help your child next.

So how does a Music Medicine Pill work differently from the way you listen to music? Well, there ís a special Mood Sequence Formula embedded that resources music from a variety of genres, creating a balanced music diet within a prescriptive formula. You do need some training to understand the whole process along with what music works best in what part of the formula. What to choose - along with what not to use - may surprise you.

I recommend you learn how to speak the Music Medicine language by taking the training course at our Music Medicine Academy In just three hours you can learn important research, language, formulas and music in the eCourse called the "Music Medicine Boot Camp."

To find out a whole lot more, check out these resources:

1. My new website at

2. Access quick answers at to support your children's success during their school years!

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