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EQ, Do I have it?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

When it comes to success in business, EQ eats IQ for breakfast reports Forbes magazine. The "Big Bang Theory" television show is a great example of this constant battle experienced between Sheldon Cooper and his friends.

What ís so special about EQ - Emotional Intelligence?

EQ identifies your level of success in four areas: self-awareness, social awareness, self management and relationship management. Psychology Today reports, "An emotionally intelligent individual is both highly conscious of his or her own emotional states, even negativity - frustration, sadness, or something more subtle - and able to identify and manage them." When you are that conscious of self, then you are able to tune in to others' emotions. It ís easy to see how a sensitivity to emotional signals from within and from the social environment could make one a better friend, parent, leader, or romantic partner.

Take the quiz to discover your level of EQ and then learn what to do to increase management of your emotions and how to connect more skillfully with others. Click here to take the test.

Judith surveyed patients (n=603) under her care about their level of EQ and learned that: 1) 94% reported improved EQ using the same test (at the link below), and 2) 91% reported improved mood state, after experiencing one 30-minute Music 4 Life Music Medicine Pill she facilitated as a scripted, guided meditation. That one Music Medicine Pill is a specific playlist of eleven songs from nine music genres.

Let the Music Medicine Pill build your EQ-Emotional Intelligence. If you would like to receive that Music Medicine Pill, it is available at called "Performance Pack - EQ."

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