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Keynote: The Magic of Music

Keynote: Unexpected Answers That Can Change Your Life

Healing from Emotional Trauma

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Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC



TEDxUNLV, International Women’s Forum, International Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, American Holistic Nurses Association, Alaska Health Summit, American Music Therapy Association, State of Utah Division of Substance Abuse, National Charity League, National Veterinarian Conference, Nevada Alliance for the Mentally Ill, to name a few.

Meet Judith Pinkerton

Experience the Power of Prescriptive Music

People say Judith is "One-of-a-Kind! Entertaining! Effective! Life-Transforming!" She is a leading expert in music-based stress management. Her presentations are fun, interactive and inspirational and can be customized for any audience. People love learning Judith's Music 4 Life® DIY approach. She may even play her violin for the audience.

Now, more than ever before, people need Judith Pinkerton's Music 4 Life DIY approach. It can be accomplished while social distancing! Why? Because stress is the #1 killer, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and blood sugars. Anxiety disorders alone affect 40 million Americans (1 in 8) who are six times more likely to be hospitalized. And COVID19 has caused incidences of anxiety to skyrocket! 

Judith captures the hearts and minds of all audiences as she sets the stage for self-exploration, validating participant experiences with interactive music demonstrations and research-based evidence to build bridges between cultures and generations. Based upon two decades of clinical work and public speaking, Judith's motivational message provokes audience reflection and energizing action, changing mindsets by upgrading their instincts. Her mood regulation message is: reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression or grief now. Equipped with PowerPoint, iPod, Violin and a variety of music healing tools, education is mixed with fun. Presentations are customized in advance and delivered spontaneously as Judith continually meets audience acclaim.

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