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Tips to Recover from Loss

No matter what, you are not alone in dealing with grief from loss.

Consider growing through grief finding rituals that build a lifestyle honoring yourself and your loved one. There are no rules for grieving.

51-year-old Minnie Driver, famous for starring alongside Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting (1997), goes swimming. Driver shares "I lost somebody recently, and I swim, and she goes swimming with me,” meaning her mother and designer Gaynor Churchward, who passed away earlier that year. “I feel her and I feel better when I get out of the ocean. That’s why I think that having a ritual around grief is important. It is a process. Trying to hide it or run away from it doesn’t work. It only makes you feel worse. Finding a way to live with it in your life is very important."

Add music to your ritual to tenderly deepen the relationship with your deceased loved one. Explore technology and find new music with expanded access across multiple devices using iTunes, Spotify, Youtube or Pandora. Here is a sample song that matches the image and quote above, excerpted from Power Up 365: "Not a Spot Where God is Not" by Margaret Owens.

Imagine being able to shift into greater peace and desire to reconnect with life. The best way we have discovered in working with thousands of clients is to apply Music4Life's Music as Medicine, as reported here by many.

This Music Medicine clinical approach is best supported with a music therapist to help you determine which music selections will flow properly within a customized Mood Sequence Formula™. This approach acknowledges grief and then shifts into feeling better. With time, following a prescriptive regimen, diminished grief along with greater peace and happiness can be achieved.

This process supports those suffering from loss who may feel stuck in feeling sad, but think it is the honorable way to honor those deceased. This becomes an endless spiral connected to the unconscious belief that it is wrong to feel happy about their death. And then self-medication occurs to numb feelings. The Music Medicine protocol can be the way out of endless sadness.

If you or someone you know desires assistance with this approach, please connect with us here.

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