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Protect & Serve - the romance

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

What happens when I go nuts for someone?

This new book - "Protect and Serve" - a 7 Day Gut Stress program! Celebrating 30 years of marriage this year, this new release (yeah - it achieved #1 New Release on Amazon!) capsulizes how preparation in the kitchen leads to our lifetime of love and adventures.

You know what they say, 'be careful what you ask for.' Well I prayed for a nanny. But instead I got a knight in shining armor. I met my soulmate. He cared so deeply for me, being attentive to the signs of anything not optimal in my health, and intervened to protect me when needed. Our romance quickened and I was swept off my feet with his caring support, and service of healthy, gourmet meals. He supported my life.

Most people never consider the importance of gut health. Husband Dennis and I teamed up to create someting deeply meaningful to both of us: this 7-Day Gut Stress Program of 3 healthy strategies to support feeling better. Rather than producing just another cookbook, we decided to share what we have learned from our years in the Chiropractic and Music Medicine fields from a stress perspective. Stress is something we all experience, yet most of us don’t fully understand how it impacts our total health.

First we start with our gut healthy recipes.

Second we address stress in your environment.

Over the years friends have marveled at how I remain so positive and happy despite extreme stress from numerous life challenges including cancer. I will share some success tips along the way.

Third, after you’ve finished your meal, or perhaps while you are cooking it, you can reflect on the quotes I carefully selected to support a positive mindset.

If your health is less than perfect, your gut is likely to be at least partially to blame! I learned this lesson right after relocating from Anchorage, Alaska to Las Vegas, Nevada. My bloated belly and digestive tract were not doing well, so I followed the course of action recommended in our book.

What I don't say in the book is that a psychic told me in August how I would meet my soulmate. She said we would meet in September but not recognize each other until January. So my love radar was working overtime that Fall and I chose a gorgeous guy I met at a hot springs thinking he was IT! When this long distance relationship dissolved into nothing by Christmas, I became very disillusioned and fed up about what I didn't want, and then became more adamant about what I did want for myself and 4-year old daughter. Two weeks later ... in January during a church fundraiser ... my soulmate magically appeared and we discovered - after the fact - that he had seen my violin performance in church in September, thought I was a "stuck-up violinist" and didn't approach me. In December a bolt of lightening - metaphorically speaking - descended on me and I required my birthname "Judith" (no longer "Judy") with desired hair lighteners transforming my color to blonde. My future husband didn't recognize me as that "stuck-up

violinist" when we met again in the same church, but different location, in January.

This picture entitled "transformation" was hand-painted by my infant daughter's nanny who heard my spirit call her across thousands of miles. She travelled to Alaska spontaneously, found us and helped for months as I prepared our departure from Alaska to Nevada. This art truly transformed me over a period of three years.

Read the rest of the story in the ebook with Chapters 1-8 reinforcing the importance of good gut health. Chapters 9-10 may change the way you eat, think and feel.

Chapter 1: Your Gut is Packed With Bacteria

Chapter 2: What to Expect from an Unhealthy Gut

Chapter 3: Potential Causes of an Unhealthy Gut

Chapter 4: What is “Leaky Gut Syndrome”?

Chapter 5: Elimination – A Food Test

Chapter 6: Food Allergies vs Sensitivities

Chapter 7: How Your Gut Responds to Music

Chapter 8: 10 Strategies to Enhance Gut Health

Chapter 9: 21 Recipes – Gluten & Dairy Free

Chapter 10: 21 Music & Quotes for Relaxation & Positive Mindset

My hope: the recipe gems and mindset treasures in our new book (ebook and paperback) become rich enhancements for you as Dennis and I seek to protect and serve you!

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