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Prescriptive Music for Medical Students

UNLV School of Medicine is launching the Music 4 Life Music Medicine Protocol for wellness benefit to medical students Spring 2021 with webinars, ecourses and telemedicine.

Titled "U.S.E. Music to Decode Yourself," the first webinar helps students understand favorite music with a deeper, intelligible, interpretive recognition that connects to the four human bodies.

Students start learning how to build emotional resilience at the same time reducing stress and anxiety. This new UNLV School of Medicine wellness program is designed just for medical students to customize their own prescriptive music playlists to create a Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Pill™ - that starts with decoding self first.

The first introductory webinar is taught by music therapist Judith Pinkerton, LMT, MT-BC. · Define music applied as medicine. · Learn the easy language to manage moods for optimal health. · Name the 3-pronged benefits to expect. · Hear one story of a USAF member decoding his earworm. · Watch one case study video that reveals how traumatic memories are resolved.

Self-assessment modules, ecourses and telemedicine coaching complete the wellness program with a final webinar that wraps up what happens next to support students living well-supported lives.

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