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Favorite Sad Songs - Good or Bad Advice?

Can sad songs create new beginnings from the pain of grief?

In a Woman's Health magazine article published this week, music therapist Dr. Andrew Rosetti, a personal friend, was quoted about the effects of music therapy by the article's author, Naydeline Mejia, a freelance writer who likes to write about sex and dating.

After using Dr. Rosetti's comments for scientific support (I'm really glad she contacted him!!), she went on to say that this sad song playlists could make you feel much better.

Is that good or bad advice? Well ... it depends on the listener!

It could keep the listener stuck in sadness if sad songs are mostly what is listened to. Find out more from a music therapist's perspective in this live stream event) recorded just for you!) at

To explore the dozens of sad songs, check out the list in this article "70 Sad Songs That Can Actually Make You Feel Better, According To Science."

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