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Catch FAVES on Fridays

What's your favorite music? Or music that sticks in your head like an earworm!

During Friday FAVES, which is a type of music therapy session, we go on a journey listening to participants' favorite music. We discover why the music is desired, collecting more information about feelings, memories, themes or earworms. Then deeper meanings are investigated, with heart and mind open to heal, then educate about next steps. Loving support is offered to grow greater awareness of music's ability to decode the subconscious mind, always following the Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Protocol. Suggestions assist creation of specialized playlists from featured music to create deeper healing using a prescribed Mood Sequence Formula™ for an individualized Music Medicine Pill™.

Here's one of the recent Friday FAVES videos found on our youtube channel at The Music 4 Life USA.

Subscribe to my Music Medicine Club to find more Friday FAVES and Toxic Tuesday podcasts, along with Wellness Wednesday blogs - for as little as $5/month!

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