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Be Careful What You Ask For

I needed a nanny and created so much more.

"Stress was a huge factor in my life. At that time I was a new single mom with my 4-year old daughter. I was new to the city and working multiple jobs, including Las Vegas show-symphony-gig violinist, fine jewelry sales at J.C. Penney, healing music presentations, and temp assignments through a business placement agency. Life was really overwhelming, and I needed help.

"You know what they say, 'be careful what you ask for.' Well I prayed for a nanny. But instead I got a knight in shining armor. I met my soulmate. He cared so deeply for me, being attentive to the signs of anything not optimal in my health, and intervened to protect me when needed. Our romance quickened and I was swept off my feet with his caring support, and service of healthy, gourmet meals. He supported my life. We were married within six months of meeting and ten months later we birthed a son into our blended family of 4 children.

"There is a spiritual connection that binds us. Dr. Dennis D. Burkhardt, my soulmate and husband, doubles as my protector – and what a bonus – my chiropractor too! We met through church and he has proven to be my life saver. Our romance has been a harmonic balance of faith, love, children and alternative therapies which are foundational to our marriage.

"Not only did I come to realize how vital chiropractic adjustments are to our family’s well-being, but his ability to recommend levels of vitamin and mineral supplements was uncanny. My adrenals had become exhausted escalating from one child to four in one year, including a newborn. He replenished my energy with supplements, using his skill as a kinesiologist and general manager of a nutritional manufacturing facility. He was attentive to my dietary discoveries and would instantly provide a food fix with adapted recipes to support my best gut health. These past three decades have been rich with investigations into optimizing our health."

-- Judith Pinkerton

Excerpted from "Protect and Serve" cookbook - a 7-day gut stress program of recipes, gut health information and music medicine recommendations to complement 21 meals.

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